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Snoring Solution

They say the best candidates are loud, habitual snorers who snore in all sleep positions. The implants may not be effective in cases of severe sleep apnea. Physicians performing the Pillar Procedure in the DC Metro Area include: Dr. Seth Oringher Chevy Chase, Md. (301) 652-8847 Ear, Nose & Throat Specialists of Northern Va. Dr. Josef Gurian; Dr.
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Snoring Solution for Travelers

<strong>When traveling, there is no escape from the snorer.</strong> Only available to continental U.S. consumers 18 or older. **Replacement box for wrong size of purchased products good only once per household, and good for one box only. About Brez for Less Brez for Less provides exceptional products at low prices, and fills orders quickly and accurately. Customer satisfaction is our top priority. Brez for Less is owned and operated by BESTMED, LLC, located in Golden, Colorado. BESTMED is a leading provider of consumer health products, since 1982.
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Snoring Solution

"The procedure has been done now in more than 40,000 patients with a great success rate," he says. Doctors inject local anesthesia. Then using a small gun-like device, they insert three tiny woven polyester implants in the back of the roof of the mouth. Over the coming days and weeks, the implants stiffen the soft tissue in the throat, hopefully bringing an end to the snoring. Some who have undergone the procedure describe it as almost painless. "Its like two little pinches and then done," says former patient Luis Joseph. The Pillar implants are made by Medtronic and the company websitesays patients should not see or feel the medical-grade material implants. They are not supposed to interfere with swallowing or speech.
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Slate Tests Snoring Solutions

This chronic snorer tested several solutions to find what worked best , ranking them on ease of use, reaction of spouse, and how he felt the morning after. The surprising winner? A tennis ball tied to the back of a t-shirt to prevent him from rolling onto his back. The one that fared the worst was the terribly named Pureline Scoreclipse. We still cant figure out what they were going for with that second wordit looks like score, sore, clips and eclipse all mashed together. Why would you want any of those words associated with a snoring cure? The clips use magnets and apparently go into your nose, and were uncomfortable. The spouse also hated them.
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