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Snoring Solution

The Pillar implants are made by Medtronic and the company websitesays patients should not see or feel the medical-grade material implants. They are not supposed to interfere with swallowing or speech. On a occasion- the tip of one of the tiny pillars canprotrude from the soft palate, and must then be removed or replaced. Doctors who specialize in the Pillar technique say patient selection is key. They say the best candidates are loud, habitual snorers who snore in all sleep positions. The implants may not be effective in cases of severe sleep apnea.
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Slate Tests Snoring Solutions

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Snoring Solution for Travelers

<strong>When traveling, there is no escape from the snorer.</strong> The surprising winner? A tennis ball tied to the back of a t-shirt to prevent him from rolling onto his back. The one that fared the worst was the terribly named Pureline Scoreclipse. We still cant figure out what they were going for with that second wordit looks like score, sore, clips and eclipse all mashed together. Why would you want any of those words associated with a snoring cure? The clips use magnets and apparently go into your nose, and were uncomfortable. The spouse also hated them.
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Sleeping U app review: your quit-snoring solution

Simple and safe to use, the Brez anti-snoring device is nearly invisible so it can be worn discretely. At $5.49 for the Brez for Less Traveler's Special, Brez is only 39 cents a night, a lot less than a second hotel room. Brez has helped stop snoring for thousands. For more information visit So, if you're tired of snoring all night, or even worse, your bedmate or traveling companion is tired of your snoring, the Traveler's Special is for you. How Brez Works Brez is the new, clinically proven, natural anti-snoring device that provides gentle support inside your nasal passages and effectively stops primary snoring, the snoring that occurs without sleep apnea. Simple and safe to use, Brez comfortably lifts and opens your nasal passages without drugs or skin-irritating devices. Brez is the stop snoring solution that is: - Comfortable *Price good for any quantity of 14-night packs while supplies last. Only available to continental U.S.

Snoring Solutions

The Sleeping U app gives you a way to monitor your breathing and sleeping patterns so you can fight your snoring and even sleep apnea. Theres no reason you or the person lying beside you should have to lose any sleep thanks to this app. Improve Your Breathing Through Monitoring So far this app has managed to help more than 100,000 people reach better sleep by improving their breathing while they are sleeping. It's incredible how helpful monitoring your breathing patterns can be. The way the app works is by recording your sleep and monitors it. If you suspect that you snore, or you know for a fact you do, then you will want to give it a try. As well it helps with other sleep disorders.
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