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Mouthpiece For Snoring By Vitalsleep Comes In A New Size To Help Women Stop Snoring

SnoreRX Anti-Snoring Mouthpiece as Seen on TV Canada

The VitaSleep mouthpiece for snoring has not only been providing an effective solution to the problems that are associated with snoring, but it has the ability to innovate as consumers need change. While many people readily associate snoring with men, there is a demographic of women that need assistance to stop snoring. There was a point that women who snore were not satisfied with the sizes available in this product. Once The Snore Reliever Company became aware of the issues surrounding sizing, there was a fast response time. In a matter of months, Vitasleep launched a second anti-snoring mouthpiece size that would properly support a female mouth size which is generally 10% smaller in size than a man. There was even a promotional launch of a his and hers mouthpiece that was completely customizable for couples. It is because of this focus on the needs of the consumers that VitaSleep has been a solution to snoring that has been helping people who snore.
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This revolutionary anti-snoring mouthpiece is effective, safe and has become one of the most commonly used and popular anti-snoring solutions available. Snore RX is latex and BPA-free. It is advertised as dental lab quality using medical-grade co-polymers and components as it has undergone rigorous testing. It has been cleared by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) that confirms that SnoreRX is a safe and effective anti-snoring mouthpiece and meets its claims. This anti-snoring oral device is designed to easily configure and fit with its special molding compound which custom forms to any individuals mouth. Snore RX has an advanced molding that ensures that it does not move while sleeping.

VitalSleep: New FDA Cleared Anti Snoring Mouthpiece Product Can Stop & Cure Snoring

Simple and effective...great concept. " Luckily, snorer B. Barbero of Las Vegas, NV purchased VitalSleep and shared the following: "I've been a world class snorer for years and over those years, I have just gotten louder. Three years ago my wife moved into the guest room and vacations are always a chore to arrange because she can't sleep in the same room with me. I've tried surgery and a number of mouthpieces, gargles, and spray remedies - nothing worked. Then I tried Vital Sleep and it worked from the very first night My wife says that it hasn't completely eliminated my snoring, but it has reduced the frequency and volume to where it was 35 years ago when we got married and I weighed 30 pounds less. After three nights of checking up on me to make sure that I wasn't playing some kind of cruel trick, she moved back into the bedroom.
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New Anti-Snoring Mouthpiece Reviews for VitalSleep

That was great news, but the problem is the device came with a price tag of $3,000. He wondered if there was a more cost-effective alternative to correct loud snoring. When he didn't find what he needed, he turned to Dr. Richard Koffler M.D. Hernandez knew this new device had to achieve three things from the start. It had to help reduce snoring; be economical to produce, and be affordable to buyers. It was a tall order to meet all three goals, but putting their talents together, they invented VitalSleep. It's an FDA cleared, fully customizable, patent pending anti-snoring intra-oral appliance.
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