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I’m A Celebrity 2013: Vincent Simone, Steve Davis & Alfonso Ribeiro Irritate With Terrible Snoring!

Snoring when pregnant linked to low birth weight

Everyones sleeping very well, said Laila. The snoring bunch is normally right out of tune, Alfonso snores like a soft bear, if Id been in bed with them Id be elbowing them to shut up. He is oblivious to his snoring, the ground was shaking. Vincent refused to believe he was as bad as the others claimed, and Steve Davis was doubtful that he had been making any noise at all. Alsfonso insisted that their concerto was not too bad but Laila would disagree! Its only a matter of time before things kick off over the lack of sleep. We cant wait!
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Man drunk dials 911 because one-night stand is ‘snoring like a train’

What kind of research was this? This was a cohort study . It aimed to examine the impact of maternal snoring during pregnancy on key delivery outcomes. These outcomes included mode of delivery (vaginal or via caesarean section) and birth centile. Birth centiles are a method of comparing birthweight to the rest of the population. For example, if birth centile was below the 10th centile, this means that for every 100 infantsless than 10 have lower birthweights. In this study, centiles were customised to take into account factors including maternal height, weight, and ethnicity and the infants gender and gestational age at birth. A cohort study is the ideal study design to investigate this question. However,while the researchers adjusted for a number of factors that could be responsible for any association seen ( confounders ), this study cannot show that snoring caused poorer delivery outcomes.
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joey essex, i Sweet dreams, little guy. Sweet dreams. What's so funny? (Image via Imgur) Heh heh. (Image via Flickr) When Gwennon finds something funny she grins from ear to ear. (Image via Flickr) Laughing is part of this playful pup's daily routine.
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We'll Have Sweet, Sweet Dreams About This Baby Hamster's Adorable Snoring (VIDEO)

By Lee Moran / NEW YORK DAILY NEWS Thursday, November 14, 2013, 8:06 AM Comment Ugurhan Betin/Getty Images Turns out, snoring is not a crime: Police in Waukesha, Wis., advised Benjamin Todd Duddles (not pictured) sleep on the couch. A drunken Wisconsin man dialed 911 because his one night stand was "snoring like a train," police said. Benjamin Todd Duddles reportedly called cops to demand his snoozing sex partner be "removed from his bed." The 41-year-old initially claimed that he "wasn't sure" how the woman got into his Waukesha apartment. He later changed his story to say that he'd let her inside but that she only got into his bed and fell asleep. But when cops arrived, The Smoking Gun reports, he then confessed that the two of them had in fact "drank together, had relations and she fell asleep." When he couldn't wake her up to stop the noise, he called police. Officers arrived and found his lover "to be fine medically, just has sleep apnea." They then suggested Duddles sleep on the couch and "work out the 'issue' in the morning" because snoring is not a crime.
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Pregnant and just start snoring? You may have hypertension

Preeclampsia, left untreated, can be life-threatening to the mother and unborn child.It usually starts after the fifth month of pregnancy andcauses a pregnant woman's blood pressure to go up and the presence of protein in the mother's urine. This can significantlyaffect the placentaand the mother's liver, kidney and brain. Preeclampsia can cause seizures and is the second leading cause of death in pregnant women in the United States. It's also a leading cause of fetal complications including premature birth, low birth weight and stillbirth. There is no cure short of delivering the baby. The study, conducted by the University of Michigan, was the largest of its kind and the first to show that women who begin snoring after they become pregnant have a greater risk of getting high blood pressure and face significant risk to their cardiovascular health, sayslead author Louise O'Brien, an associate professor at the University of Michigan's Sleep Disorders Center. "What we found was that snoring during pregnancy was indeed strongly associated with gestational hypertension and preeclampsia," O'Brien told CNN. "That was after we had accounted for other known risk factors. What was a novelty about this study was that we looked at women who have been snoring before they got pregnant and women who developed snoring during their pregnancy. It was actually the women who started snoring after they became pregnant that were at highest risk of high blood pressure problems." More than 1,700 pregnant women participated in the study. They were recruited in their last trimester - 28 weeks and up. O'Brien says 25% of them started snoring frequently once pregnant, doubling their risk of high blood pressure compared to women who don't snore. Nine percent reported chronic snoring. Chronic snoring - snoring three to four nights a week - is an indication of a sleep disorder. O'Brien says these women can be treated for "sleep disordered breathing" by using a continuous positive airway pressure machine, or CPAP.
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